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Absolute Entrepreneurship Part 1: Starting a Business

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This class isn't for hedge fund managers, capital investors, or bankers. This is a class designed for the average person who is ready to start a business.

Are you ready to get started? Do you have a business idea, and want to start with the basics? In this course, we will focus on the first steps of any business venture: Startup. We will use the real-world experiences of the award-winning instructor and university professor Dr. Jason Allen. But don't be worried - Dr. Allen is best known around campus for keeping things simple, accessible, and useful.

Dr. Allen is the founder of a number of successful businesses and is a top-rated Skillshare instructor. In 2017 Star Tribune Business featured him as a "Mover and a Shaker," and he is recognized by the Grammy Foundation for his music education classes.

While a lot of business courses focus on getting rich quick, this is a course for those interested in starting and building a long-term business with a firm foundation. You won't find "get rich quick" schemes here - everything we will learn in this class is practical, useable steps to start a business that you will be able to hand down to your grandchildren.

This is the first part of a multiple-course series.

In this course, we will focus the entire course on the steps to start a business. First, we will focus on the advantages and concerns of new businesses. Next, we will walk through the different types of businesses - from corporations to family businesses, to nonprofit organizations. Most importantly, we will learn what is best for your business, and walk through the step-by-step process to set up and register your business. Last, we will walk through the steps needed to create your most essential founding document: the operating agreement.

By the end of this course, if you follow along you will have your business officially created and ready to open the doors for business.


Praise for Courses by Jason Allen:

⇢  "It seems like every little detail is being covered in an extremely simple fashion. The learning process becomes relaxed and allows complex concepts to get absorbed easily. My only regret is not taking this course earlier." - M. Shah

⇢  "Great for everyone without any knowledge so far. I bought all three parts... It's the best investment in leveling up my skills so far.."- Z. Palce

⇢  "Excellent explanations! No more or less than what is needed. " - A. Tóth

⇢  "VERY COOL. I've waited for years to see a good video course, now I don't have to wait anymore. Thank You! " - Jeffrey Koury

"I am learning LOTS! And I really like having the worksheets! " - A. Deichsel

⇢ "The basics explained very clearly - loads of really useful tips! " - J. Pook

⇢  "Jason is really quick and great with questions, always a great resource for an online class!" M. Smith

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Absolute Entrepreneurship Part 1: Starting a Business
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