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Abnormal Psychology

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A study of abnormal human behaviors within the diversity of human behavior. Using a Biopsychosocial framework and the DSM-5, the categories of abnormal behavior are explored with explicit consideration to cultural and biological diversity. Students who successfully complete the course will demonstrate their understanding of how physical, psychological, and social factors influence human behavior; the techniques used to identify psychological disorders; and the practical applications of treatment for abnormal behavior.

1. Evaluate abnormal behavior from the diversity of normal human behavior.

2. Apply DSM diagnostic criteria to identify and differentiate between various psychological disorders.

3. Evaluate various influences and causes of psychological disorders.

4. Assess and demonstrate various theoretical models for conceptualizing disorders and how they influence treatment.

5. Relate knowledge of psychological disorders with current or future occupational needs and practices.

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Doane University

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Abnormal Psychology
8 weeks
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