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中级汉语语法 | Intermediate Chinese Grammar

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Improve your Chinese language proficiency in this intermediate Chinese grammar course. You will explore 12 complex grammatical concepts to help learners studying Chinese as a second language gain a better understanding of Chinese grammar, including syntax, semantics and pragmatics.


This course contains many exercises to help you improve skills in reading, speaking, writing and translating accurately and fluently.


This Chinese grammar course will also help you better understand the characteristics of the Chinese language. This course is for learners who want to improve their Chinese proficiency, and use Chinese as a second language with accuracy and fluency. Course participants will learn more than just the basics in this course as it covers more than 1,500 words!


The class will consist of lecture videos, which are approximately 10 minutes in length. There will also be standalone assignments that are not part of video lectures in each teaching unit, a midterm exam and a final exam.



What is the most attractive thing in this class?


In this class, you will find Chinese grammar is very interesting. You can explore the Chinese grammar rules by yourself with the teacher’s help. The coolest thing is that you have quite a lot of opportunities to express yourself in Chinese.


Which textbook will be used?



  • 进一步提高汉语水平

  • 提高汉语表达准确度和流利度

  • 帮助学习者提高在语境中准确运用语法知识进行表达的能力

  • 提高读、说、写、译等各种技能

  • Improve Chinese proficiency, accuracy and fluency in using Chinese as a second language

  • Fundamentals of Chinese grammar such as syntax, semantics and pragmatics

  • Improve reading, speaking, writing and translating skills

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中级汉语语法 | Intermediate Chinese Grammar
12 weeks
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