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✅ 7-Day Guided Meditation Challenge

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Hello Skillshare community,

Welcome to your 7-day meditation challenge!

My name is Alina, I am the creator of online meditation retreats. When it comes to meditation, regularity is the key. We created this week-long journey to help you stay on top of your mindfulness routine.

I challenge you to take 5-20 minutes per day and dedicate it to your spiritual practice.

This is your meditation routine for the next 7 days:

Day 1 - Meditation For Beginners - 20 Min

Day 2 - Morning Meditation for Positive Energy - 5 min

Day 3 - Be in the Present Moment - 8 Min

Day 4 - Breathing Beautifully - 20 Min

Day 5 - Body Scan Meditation - 10 min

Day 6 - Fall Asleep Naturally + Delta Binaural Waves - 20 Min

Day 7 - Thankful Meditation for Gratitude - 10 min

To help you track your progress, we created a habit tracker that you can print out and check off the days you meditated.

Feel free to ask any questions along the way and share your experience. I would love to learn about your journey.

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✅ 7-Day Guided Meditation Challenge
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